12 Vintage Rose Canapé Cupcakes

12 Vintage Rose Canapé Cupcakes

SKU: 0007

Handcrafted canape cupcakes with a light vanilla or rich chocolate flavour. Decorated with a simple a simple rose and sugar sprinkles, ‘Share at a reception’ or ‘an evening soiree'.

  • Ingredients

    Caster Sugar, Vegetable Fat, Milk, Egg, Flour, Vanilla Extract, Unsalted Butter, Icing Sugar, Food Colouring

  • Orders & Deliveries

    Please allow us at least the minimum shipment days as advised or call us for urgent enquires. Some delivery dates may not be available, we will refund and advise you immediately if we are unable to fulfil your order. Please give a preferred delivery date and address when making payment along with any message you wish to accompany your order. Please call for allergy advice.


    FREE hand delivery in the Tunbridge Wells area. Delivery charges apply outside of Tunbridge Wells please call the Kitchen: 07790 863056 bake@vintagerosecupcakes.com

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